Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 5: Getting our sea legs!

Yesterday morning we embarked on our cruise of the Greek islands.  We left Athens from the port of Piraeus and sailed towards Mykonos.  During the early part of the afternoon we celebrated Mass on the cruise ship and Father Anthony learned that the Bishop of Corpus Christi was also traveling on the ship with a group from there and they had also just finished Mass.  The Corpus Christi group also includes at least one couple from Las Cruces.  It was nice to hear people talking about New Mexico and know that we shared that common language.  This evening we stopped in the port of Mykonos and saw the "Venice of Greece!"  What a beautiful little village this was and we so enjoyed the walking tour that our guide, Issa, took us on.  Many of us enjoyed our free time after the tour to sample the local cuisine, snap a few more pictures, and explore the local shops.  Our next stops tomorrow are Ephesus and Patmos.

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