Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Dear Friends,

Welcome to the IHM Greece and Turkey pilgrimage blog. We would like to invite you to join us as we explore the unbelievable richness of early Christian life, art, and history.  St. Paul was a central figure in the growth of the early Church, founding some communities and writing letters to others.  He has been called the first Christian theologian for his ability to organize the beliefs of early Christianity.  Follow our journey as we walk in the footsteps of St. Paul, in the land that St. John preached, and to "the House of Mary" in Ephesus.

Each day will be steeped in prayer, especially reflections upon the Gospel texts appropriate to each place we visit.  Each day we will celebrate Christ’s gift to us on the night before He died, the Holy Eucharist.  As we journey to these far-away lands, we will keep you in prayer and ask that you pray for us as well, for a safe and grace-filled journey.


Day to Day Itinerary
                           September 1: Depart USA
                           September 2: Arrive Athens
                           September 3: Athens
                           September 4: Athens/Corinth
                           September 5: Mykonos
                           September 6: Ephesus, Turkey/Patmos, Greece
                           September 7: Santorini/Crete
                           September 8: Athens/Kalambaka
                           September 9: Kalambaka/Berea/Thessaloniki
                           September 10Thessaloniki/Kavala/Alexandroupolis
                           September 11: Greece/Istanbul, Turkey
                           September 12: Istanbul
                           September 13: Istanbul
                           September 14: Depart Istanbul/Arrive USA