Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 13: Our last full day in Istanbul

By today, most of us were beginning to look ahead to journeying back home but we had one more day packed with adventure.  We began the day visiting the Topkapi Palace Museum, getting to see some of the relics and jewels from that time.

Next we celebrated Mass in an underground cistern, a beautiful location set up just for us among the stone columns and very much an intimate, peaceful location to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  For some of us, this location was among our favorites during the past two weeks.

Next, we were treated to Turkish pizza and were able to see some of the local rug artisans at work before heading to the Grand Bazaar--a shopper's delight.  The Grand Bazaar has over 5000 shops with all kinds of goods, from foods to spices to souvenirs.

Our last activity for the evening was enjoying a traditional Turkish dinner in an area primarily serving locals.  Good food, good music, and mostly great company.  Our last night in Turkey was fun and we finished up the evening packing up to head to the airport very early tomorrow morning.

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